General Info about Files

What is needed to create a CT based surgical guide?

Before starting a case, please have the following 3 files ready to upload:

  • A CT scan of the arch in question taken with the patient biting on cotton roles (or arches separated in a similar manner) in either of the following formats:
    • DICOM Set.  This is the North American (and HIPAA) standard for transmitting CT scans.  While most CBCT machines save CT scans in their own proprietary format, it is the law that all CBCT scanners must have the ability to export the data in DICOM SET format.  You know you have the correct format when the output is in the form of a folder.  Inside the folder will be one file (suffix=“.DCM”) for each axial slice of the study.  Once you have this folder, it helps to compress (“Zip”) it.
    • Anatomage Invivo format.  This is the file that results when you “Save” a file in this popular CBCT rendering app.  The file suffix should be “.INV”.
  • An .STL file of the patient’s arch that represents how he/she will present during surgery.
    • This can be an intra oral scan or a “desktop” scan of the plaster model or impression.  Should you need to send the model for scanning, you can ship it to us or to your dental lab, and ask the dental lab to contact us.  Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.  If you are really far removed from an optical scanner, you can perform a CBCT scan of a plater model instead.  That’s not preferred, because it can have accuracy problems.
  • An .STL file of a waxup, preferably on the same model.  Variations are . . .
    • Denture teeth can be used instead of waxups.
    • You or your lab can do a virtual waxup if you have access to such software
    • A pre-extraction model of the patient’s dentition
    • If the patient is missing one posterior tooth, and you wish the eventual restored crown to be in proper arch position (i.e. normal occlusion), we can perform a virtual waxup for you.

Contact Info:

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    3106 E 17th Ave., Denver, CO  80206

    P:  720-772-1975

    C:  414-791-2287

Next:  Use our Protocol Wizard to determine exactly how to proceed in setting up your case files.

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